Trading network of shops

The Plant originated in 1945 when the Soviet of Peoples Commissars of the Byelorussian SSR made a decision to construct the Minsk Hothouse-Hotbed Vegetables Growing Integrated Plant. Ten years later the Plant was ready to operate, with the opportunity of embarking and carrying out its main task, the provision of fresh vegetables to the population of the capital city throughout the whole year, and especially during the off season. At that time the Plant had 20 000 meters sq. of winter hothouse, 4200 meters sq. of glassed forced bed frames, 45 hectares of arable land and 25 hectares of orchards. A boiler which could heat an area of 820 meters sq. was responsible for maintaining the required temperature.
Today, like in all the previous years, we are doing our best to supply the city trade network with the required volume of Hothouse-Hotbed Vegetables Growing Integrated Plant produce during all seasons. Taking into account the fact that physical damage and aging of materials and technology, as well as the exploitation of outdated technologies made it impossible for any further growth in production volume and development of the Plant we decided to carry out the renovation. Technological re-equipment made it possible to organize further production of vegetables in shielded soil by means of a space-saving technology which provides plants with nutrients, and has an irrigation system as well as completely automated climate conditioning.
At the present time we operate 100 percent of the 6.4 hectares greenhouse production area, and an additional 11 workstations have been added. Because of this, the gross harvest of vegetable produce has increased by 1.4 times compared to last years results. The launching of the autonomous boiler- house that uses natural gas as fuel brought down the power cost from 44 to 18 percent.
In order to expand the range of vegetable produce, the City Council of Minsk decided to construct a fifth line of the Plant in the year 2003, which was made for growing lettuce and greenery crops. The application of advanced vegetable growing technologies along with international practices provides us with the opportunity to get over 50 kg of harvest per square meter, without the increase of money spent on power, fuel, materials and fertilizers. This exceeds the former indices by three times, and allows for the reduction of production and an increase of internal funds allotted for the Plant development, as well as to successfully compete on domestic and foreign markets.
Minsk Hothouse-Hotbed Vegetables Growing Integrated Plant supplies at least 2 900 metric tons of fresh vegetables and greenery crops to the trading network throughout all seasons. We strive to obtain the deserved recognition of our consumers. The quality of output produce is controlled in its mineral-vitamin composition by the State institutions of expert appraisal of quality and safety of food products and conforms to the standards of the Health Ministry of the Republic of Belarus.
The Plant is situated in the center of the City. It allows for the supply of fresh vegetable produce to stores in small quantities, and is available at all times. Moreover we have taken into account the desires expressed by employees of nearby plants such as the unitary enterprise Minsk S.I.Vavilov Mechanical Factory, the private Minsk Alcohol-Free Beverages Factory and by residents of nearby residential districts, and organized the distribution of vegetables on a territory bordering the Plant in the newly constructed store called Small Greenhouse. The Plant has stable links with numerous retail shops and public catering enterprises in Minsk. We are also interested in the expansion and strengthening of our customers. Our business partners are highly appreciated, and we are ready for stable and mutually profitable partnership in the future.

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