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The convenient location of the Unitary Enterprise Minsk Hothouse-Hotbed Vegetables Growing Integrated Plant which is practically in the center of the city and has ecologically clean production makes Shops Small Greenhouse and General-Market your favorite place to shop!
We have practically all year round sale of cucumbers, dill, sorrel, parsley, lettuce, kinza (coriander), basil, and rukkola, and after a very small seasonal interval tomatoes, eggplants and peppers.
In wholesale and in retail, for cash or cheque at the lowest prices straight from the producer you are offered a great choice of semi-prepared meat foods, national cuisine dishes such as belyashi, Belorussian dranick (thick pancakes of grated potato), and Caucasian cheboureks (spicy meat-pies), all prepared in our own kitchens. We also offer a wide range of products which are offered by all Minsk suppliers, and our highly skilled and professional staff will not disappoint any buyer.
The Unitary Enterprise Minsk Hothouse-Hotbed Vegetables Growing Integrated Plant is the only plant in Belarus at which vitamin production is produced throughout the whole year. Foreign technologies based on providing the greenhouses with additional lighting by using high intensity lamps with their emission range close to that of solar light creates the most beneficial conditions for plant growth, regardless of the season and the weather outside. This technology accelerates the ripening date of vegetables and allows them to grow all year round.
Produce is delivered to customers in special isothermal vans in which the predetermined temperature is maintained. Green crops are shipped in small pots packed in polyethylene film which provides the buyer with many advantages. For example, a bundle of green crop can be purchased in a small pot with nutrition mix inside of it, which allows you to enjoy fresh green crop for a very long time: you pick out the stalks that you need, while the remaining stalks continue to grow. The products of the Unitary Enterprise Minsk Hothouse-Hotbed Vegetables Growing Integrated Plant are always fresh and cost much cheaper than similar imported products.
We invite you all to shop with us!!!

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